BLISS Vocational Open Online Course

The vocational open online course (VOOC) is designed to support ICT professionals to develop and strengthen their key competencies in order to respond to the challenges and skills mismatches introduced by the dynamic presentation of blockchain technology in the digital era.

The BLISS VOOC comprises the learning units and the contextualised training and assessment materials (presentations, work assignments, video units and self-assessment questions) produced in their online format and is divided into the following units i. Blockchain essentials ii. Blockchain platforms iii. Business merits, challenges and implications of blockchain technology and iv. Practical design and development of blockchain applications.

The BLISS VOOC is currently available in English and will soon also be available in all the partnership languages (FR, NL, IT, EE, EL, BG).

Register here for free on the Open Learning platform to participate in the BLISS pilot-run, beginning Monday 30th September, 2019 and let us know what you think!

Additional informaton: prof Raimundas Matulevicius, 737 5421,

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